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The Killers are thrillers with cover of The Cure’s ‘Push’

Yeah, we just might feel good.

The Killers bring the nostalgic goth magic of The Cure to Salt Lake City.

Everyone likes to get nostalgic, remember where they came from, and pay tribute to it now and again, especially musicians.

Such was the case when on Feb 6 The Killers wanted to reminisce with the audience about the wonder and magic that is The Cure with their audience in Salt Lake City, UT by performing a cover of The Cure’s classic “Push” which can be watched below.

Singer Brandon Flowers introduced the song by regaling moments in his youth where his older brother passed The Cure and other bands down to him as well as seeing The Cure for the first time, saying:

“I remember getting into rock and roll around the age of 12. My brother, once CD became popular started giving me his cassettes. And he would give me things like The Cars, he gave me The Smiths, Depeche Mode, gave me New Order, Pet Shop Boys. But more importantly to tonight, he gave me this band The Cure.

And I saw The Cure in this room. It was my first concert, this room where I saw The Cure. It was my first time. And one of my sister’s friends put eye liner on me and all these things all over me. Anyway, I was still investigating.

Then that night I came and it was wonderful and I had an amazing experience when they played this song. They played this song called “Push”. And I was converted. I was officially baptized and converted by the song “Push”. We’re gonna play it for you.”

The Killers are about to embark on a tour of Europe and South America to keep promoting their most recent release, 2017’s Wonderful Wonderful.

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Watch The Killers Push

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