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MIXTAPE: Master P is Cubano kingpin ‘Tony Montana’

“O.K. I’m Reloading…”

Master P is a hip-hop mogul who has always managed to ebb and flow with the music industry as it changed throughout the last three decades.

As many of us know Percy Miller is a man who wears many hats. The 47-year-old New Orleans rapper, actor, businessman, producer, philanthropist, former basketball player, and founder of No Limit Records, shows that he still doesn’t miss a beat.

master_p_tony_montana-frontFor the past three or four years, Master P has been going harder in the music industry, reinventing himself by starting from scratch, dropping mixtape after mixtape and paying dues like a new artist.

Now, he returns with gusto, on his latest mixtape, Tony Montana, based on the protagonist from the Brian de Palma movie Scarface (1983) about a Cuban refugee who arrives in Miami, Fla. in the 1980’s and goes on to become a drug kingpin.

The mixtape opens with “Too Many” a modern trap beat from producer Gotti 4 Real, which Master P annihilates, despite what millennial rappers might consider his “old age.”

Magnolia Chop and Kay Klover link up with Master P on the track “Ride or Die” which opens with an ominous, slow-tempo beat to try and recreate the feeling of an old mobster movie. However, the song’s autotune-heavy hooks and modern trap beats are hardly the types of music one might think of when talking about a character such as Tony Montana… or a rapper such as Master P for that matter. Nevertheless, it sticks.

The lead single, “We Did It,” featuring Kay Klover, is a club banger that has quickly transformed into a viral dance challenge, pitting dancers and their crews against one another. It also allows anyone looking to participate, to add in their own choreography.

“This song connects to sports fans, athletes and anyone who got a ‘W’ in life when others doubted you whether you on the streets, in the gym, in a game, at work, in business or just chasing your dream,” Master P said in a statement about the viral video craze. “This the song to celebrate your hard work.”

The mixtape is a short, yet poignant, 39-minutes-long, and features 13 all-new tracks from the No Limit label-founder. Miller gets listeners adrenaline rushing again with “Nascar” featuring Young V. and R.M. on the track from producer Big Head, before winding things down with the Blaqnmild produced outro, “What U Do,” featuring Kay Klover and Cymphonique.

Overall, this is not what you would have expected from Master P back when he became a household name with classics like “Make ‘Em Say Uhh” and “The Ice Cream Man.” It is arguably even better. While I doubt we’ll be seeing him collaborate with Migos or Gucci Mane, Master P proves he can “trap” with the best of them.

RATING: 4 / 5


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Watch: Master P “We Did It”

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