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Review: BOOTS dances through #DARKDAZE EP

BOOTS dances through new EP

BOOTS comes out swinging with new music.

The producer/performer is ringing in his 31st birthday by releasing the brand new EP #DARKDAZE. The four track EP lends itself heavily to EDM inspiration and is meant to be a representation of himself and is experiences over the last year. He says of the EP via Pitchfork,

“Awake in the present, I believed I could create something that reaches through time to give you an approximate translation of who/how/what I am.

The past few years have been strange, no doubt. But more than ever , I feel overjoyed that through all of the turmoil , humans have art as a language we share with one another. Every day that I wake up, I’m grateful to be alive, and I hope to be a source of light and love toward everyone I encounter.”

The EP features the collaboration “Delete, Delete” with Run the Jewels, the hip-hop duo that BOOTS has written and produced music for previously, that sounds like your typical Run the Jewels hip-hop track. But the track also features actress Cristin Milioti, who is an interesting choice, but is a testament to the experimentation BOOTS is willing to do. Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner also provides another element to the song with the guitar riffs.

The track oscillates between a dance heavy hip-hop track and an EDM breakdown that has you swaying as opposed to dancing. The lyrics are also intriguing. Milioti croons,

What is the dark matter with you?

Uproxx raises a good point about the song as well.

“It’s not so much the musicality of the song that’s strange, because everybody plays their role well and the track works, but you can’t help but wonder how this whole thing came together.”

The musicality throughout the EP is stunning. “#DARKDAZE” sounds like a club hit that’s going to get people moving. It’s four minutes of a simple drum beat while BOOTS sings about the dark days where he was up wondering how to figure out his thoughts and what’s constantly going on around him.

“No Stop It” sounds like it belongs in an episode of Stranger Things or the next Tron movie. Its 80s inspired beats lends itself to this somewhat romantic song. “S T R a n G E (DeathFX Mix)” is somewhat reminiscent of The Weeknd’s earlier music.

You and I are all alone/It’s strange/So strange

At the 3:20 mark, heavy breathing is played over a beat before the song switches gears and moves more towards EDM. This is, after all, a remix.

The songs are less hip-hop and more EDM, which is a shift from the more hip-hop inspired 2015 album Aquaria. The musicality on that album was more in line with the general vibe Jay-Z looks for in Roc Nation artists.

It’s interesting to see the music BOOTS puts out as its such as shift from the work he did with Beyonce on her self-titled album and Lemonade. It proves that BOOTS is a well-rounded musician and producer who is going to push the envelope with his own work while remaining loyal to the ever evolving style of the artists that he works with.

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