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6LACK goes anti-V-Day on “Cutting Ties”

6LACK defies Valentine’s Day

6LACK cuts ties on anti-love song.

Just in time for the international Hallmark holiday of love, singer 6LACK has released his new track “Cutting Ties.”

Only the song doesn’t wax poetic about the necessity of love, but rather focuses on how cutting ties with someone and being alone is sometimes a welcome experience.

My pride never wanted you to know this/Sometimes I want to be alone/Either way I gotta go/When it comes to cutting ties, girl, I’m like a pro/I tell you what you wanna know/You’re probably better on your own

While the musicality is sensual and hypnotic, the lyrics are clearly indicative of a person needing to get out of a relationship and be by themselves in order to maintain a sense of peace. It’s certainly interesting to release essentially a breakup track on the day before Valentine’s Day, but with a good percentage of people, specifically those engaged in cuffing season, see this as the perfect time to cut ties with someone, maybe it’s more appropriate than it seems.

The track is the first dropped since he ended last year with “Grab the Wheel”, a collaboration with Timbaland. This could mean that the singer is getting close to releasing the follow up to his 2016 debut album Free 6LACK on Interscope Records. No announcement has been made at this time, so fans will have to stay tuned for details.

The singer will be performing at Instagram fodder festival Coachella in Indio, California both weekends as well as a handful of festival dates over the summer.

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