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Dior Releases Men’s B22 Futuristic Sneaker

Even Bella Hadid wants a pair

On February 12, Dior Homme released the B22 Sneaker first spotted on the Spring/Summer 2018 runway. Celebrities everywhere are already wearing the sneakers, and although it’s from Dior’s Mens collection, even Bella Hadid couldn’t resist.

Photo from Dior

Photo from Dior

The B22 Sneaker combines Dior Homme’s style with the contemporary, current trend for retro-futuristic footwear. Referred to as “dad sneakers” these chunky, architectural shoes are the next big thing. Designers everywhere are creating their own version of the shoe, and Dior is at the forefront.

Bella Hadid is a self-described sneaker afficianado so it’s no surprise that the supermodel is one of the first people to get her hands on Dior’s sneaker. She paired her kicks with a black printed suit and small, round framed sunglasses.

Other celebrities such as Charlie Plummer, Future, A$AP Rocky, Arthur Chen, Gully Guy Leo, and Big Sean have also added Dior Homme’s new sneaker into their wardrobe. While the shoe looks sleek paired with an all black look, it can be worn with both a casual and dressy outfit, keeping you on trend for any occasion.

Photo from Dior

Photo from Dior

The B22 Sneaker is black and white with pops of red and yellow. It features a wide, futuristic style rubber sole combined with smooth leather and technical fabrics.”Dior Homme” is printed in small letters on the side of the shoe. The sneaker is available in 3 different color variations: black, white, red, and fluorescent color schemes.

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