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Kamaiyah is club ready with “Henny on Ice”

Kamaiyah gets her drink ready

The Oakland rapper drops fire on icy new single.

After her late 2017 mixtape Before I Wake set the Internet on fire, rapper Kimaiyah has slowly been releasing a trickle of songs over the last month and a half. Not losing momentum, she released another track today entitled “Henny on Ice” via Soundcloud.

The song is about working hard, but enjoying the simple pleasures in life like Hennessy on ice, fried chicken and dancing all night.

We balling, shot calling/We young and plus we rich/So we flossin’/We bullshit, we party

But don’t let her drink get warm.

I’ve been sipping Hennessy all night/So that’s the remedy all night/Please don’t let my shit get warm/Keep my Hennessy on ice

The song is similarly positive in message to her other songs. Her songs are about partying, finding success and having a good time. It’s also similar to the rest of her catalog with its 90s influenced musicality. It’s clear she takes influence from Missy Elliot and TLC and puts her own spin on it.

She revealed last year that she was working on a follow up to Before I Wake titled Woke. The conceptualized follow up could be what she is releasing the string of songs including “Through the Night” and “Seasons” from. This has not been confirmed. It could also simply be another mixtape while she prepares her full album.

Rumors are swirling that this deluge of new material will be continuing all the way until her performances at the double Coachella weekends in April.

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