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Review: Kodak Black releases ‘Heart Break Kodak’ from jail

My heart spoiled rotten…

The blues are the blues no  matter what form it takes on.

kodak heartbreakThe young Florida born rapper Kodak Black has been dealing with some heavy stuff. Right now he is sitting in jail for having been caught passing guns and weed around a small child on an Instagram video among other serious charges.

However, this has not stopped Kodak from making music. In fact, just in time for Valentine’s Day he has written, recorded, and released an entire new LP Heart Break Kodak while in the slammer.

In Heart Break Kodak, Kodak is in essence singing the blues. That said, this is still VERY much a hip-hop album. However, when getting to the root of it all, hip-hop is just the blues but set to a more modern urban backdrop.

The entire album as Kodak said in an Instagram post is about:

“My Heart Spoiled Rotten Because I Never Got The Same Love I Showed In Return”

This central theme does carry out through all 17 tracks that make up Heart Break Kodak. With songs like “Running Outta Love”, “Feb 14”, “Why You Always Gotta Go”, “I Get Lonely”, and many others this is quite apparent.

The weary angst in Kodak’s voice brings a level of credibility and genuine belief in what he is saying because what is being said comes from the heart rather than just spitting some bars for the sake of making the obligatory sad emotional track(s).

This can most be heard in songs like “I Get Lonely”, “Loyal”, and the tear riddled “Corrupted”.

For anyone who is alone on Valentine’s Day, has ever been done wrong by a lover, or is just plain lonely in general, then Heart Break Kodak is just the kind of catharsis necessary to get through those emotions. Each lyric is genuine and comes from a place of real personal anguish. It is an honest album for dealing with honest emotions.

Rating: 3/5

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