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NYFW: Calvin Klein Fall 2018 RTW

An apocalyptic event

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Just when you thought you had seen it all during NYFW, here comes the legendary Raf Simons with an innovative almost macabre new collection for Calvin Klein fall 2018 RTW.

The show took place in a hallucinatory farm scenery, complete with barn house material covered in Andy Warhol macabre photographs, strange Sterling Ruby sculptures and popcorn scattered on the floor half a foot deep. The audience was filled with big celebrity names including Nicole Kidman, Cindy Crawford, Lupita Nyong’o, Christina Ricci, and Margot Robbie among others.

The relevance between the creative aspect of the show and the designs came full circle once the models began to strut through the maze of popcorn on the ground.

The range consisted of classic Americana pieces with a twist of Simons. Featuring versatile fireman jackets for women and men in vivid hues of orange, and yellow, sister wives, prairie dresses with sheer fabrics and breast cutouts that were veiled with bibs that gave a sexy yet sinister feel, knitted ski hoods, and a Warhol silver foil apron that stole the show.

The collection also had an abundance of strong oversized, tailoring pieces, cozy ski sweaters that were paired with silver elbow length gloves for a modern twist, a fabulous oversized, daring leopard coat and wispy almost charming silk dresses in American quilted patterns. Additionally, there were silver metallic pieces that resembled microwavable popcorn tins that were used as accessories during the show.

Raf Simons came in like a wrecking ball this season, creating an inventive concept that worked well with the show and the pieces shown. Every piece told a story of a macabre scenery in a traditional Americana type of way. Leave it up to Simons to create a collection that will be buzzed about for months to come.

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