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Watch: The Voidz mesmerize in ‘Pointlessness’ video

What does it matter?

 The Voidz have an unexpected moment of Nihilism in ‘Pointlessness’.

Julian Casablancas while taking a break from his role as the front man for The Strokes has been hard at work preparing for the release of his other band The Voidz‘s upcoming album Virtue.

Today the band dropped a new single “Pointlessness” with a rather trippy yet fascinating video to go along with it.

“Pointlessness” seems to reflect its title quite well. The subject matter of the lyrics gets morosely nihilistic rather quickly and is most certainly not for the faint of heart.

With verses that express the meaningless of death and remembering anyone and a chorus that repeats “What does it matter?” over and over again, it is not difficult to understand why.

The music of the song starts off with some rather vintage melancholic electric organ playing with soft vocals in a way that seams funereal, like a dirge.

Gradually however it starts to pick up in intensity with each layer of instrumentation such as synth, guitar, drums, etc. being added onto it as the song progresses.

Soon it turns into an almost later era Beatles-like psychedelic trip to a loud, raw, rock n’ roll ruckus by the end until it fades out to static.

The video itself is just the same moving image that appears to be a puddle of gasoline on a black back drop, but distorted in such a way where it looks almost as though it is being viewed through a VHS cassette tape that is being slowly rewound or fast forwarded.

The way in which it moves however is what manages to mesmerize and entrance in a most peculiar way.

Virtue is due out on March 30.

Virtue can be pre-ordered here.

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Watch: The Voidz Pointlessness

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