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Could this mean the end of Fifth Harmony?

Are the Misses moving on?

Fifth Harmony cancels Australian tour

Speculations have surfaced on social media concerning the All-American girl group, Fifth Harmony, after announcing that they have canceled their upcoming 2018 Australian tour, which was scheduled to take off early next month.

So, why exactly are fans freaking out over the situation? Many suspect a potential break-up is imminent and nobody is quite prepared to handle what that will mean just yet. 

The former X Factor group has been surrounded by gossip on almost every social media outlet since Camila Cabello left to start a solo career, leaving the girls now a quartet. So you can only imagine how devastating it would be to watch the remaining members get picked off one by one, especially for diehard fanatics.

In a weird coincidence, Fifth Harmony’s cancellation comes just days after Cabello announced her first solo tour. So, why exactly did they decide to cancel so last-minute? According to Ticketek, the ticket distributor for 5H’s tour three-city tour in Australia, the explanation is a simple one. The girls made it apparent that all the conflict to close down the tour is due to “scheduling arrangements.”

No further explanation was given besides the obvious, promising fans a full refund for those who purchased tickets.

Originally the crew planned to begin this same exact tour October of last year but kept it postponed for the same reasoning. Now fans are faced with yet another letdown, and this time it has some wondering if this could mean goodbye forever. Spectators have been keeping an eye on the girls like hawks for a very likely breakup.

The next question to ponder is what is sparking these thoughts in everyone’s minds besides the tour cancellation? After all, the group seemed to connect well and were headed in a good direction after releasing their third self-titled studio album, Fifth Harmony, just last year.

A day after the sad news came into play, member Normani Kordei was featured on Khalid’s latest track “Love Lies”making this her first solo single straying away from the other 5H members. It’s also been shown time-and-time again, across news headlines that Kordei hasn’t been the only member signing solo deals… so has Lauren JaureguiAll of this tied into together with the recent events is why fans foresee the end for Fifth Harmony.

It’s not certain as of right now to point fingers towards a breakup, but it wouldn’t be surprising by the looks of it.

Fans react to Fifth Harmony tour cancellation:

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