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World Tops US in Rising Stars Challenge, Bogdanovic Named MVP

We still have football, I guess.

In a matchup just as competitive as Wrestlemania, and at least 100 times as entertaining, the World team showed the US what it’s made of. Sacramento Kings guard Bogdan Bogdanovic scored 26 points and was named the MVP in a game that more closely resembled a Nerf hoop dunk contest with guys like Donovan MitchellJaylen Brown, and Ben Simmons throwing down.

Apart from being simply entertaining, the game reminded NBA fans that the future is in great hands. As superstars like LeBron James arguably look at the decline of their career in years soon to come, guys like Mitchell and Simmons will be taking the reins and setting the tone in the League. From what they’ve shown so far, fans should be excited.

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