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2 Chainz announces new album ‘Rap or Go to the League’

Hitting some hard truths.

2 Chainz to speak his piece on racial tensions in America in upcoming album

Anyone with access to TV or internet these days is well aware of all of the racial related problems going on in the good old U.S. of A. It is an issue in this country that has evolved through different forms throughout the years, but has always been a major pressing issue.

Many people both high profile and ordinary have spoken out about it in their own ways to get others to listen. This time, it’s 2 Chainz‘s turn.

The rapper has just announced a forthcoming fifth studio album via Twitter and other social media titled Rap or Go to the League to give his own perspective on the issue.

To further promote the upcoming record in a rather unconventional way, 2 Chainz also rented a blimp, plastered the name of the album onto it, and flew it all around Los Angeles this past weekend.

In the video embedded in the tweet above 2 Chainz explains that when he was growing up in the poverty stricken streets of College Park, GA he and the rest of the young folk in his community were told that the only ways to get out of these circumstances were either to become a successful rapper or ball player, hence the title Rap or Go to the League. He says:

“It’s my version of black excellence. In my culture, my community, [it was] one of the things that we were often told was the only way we could get out of the circumstances we were put in…[was to Rap or Go to the League].”

No release date for Rap or Go to the League has been given at press time, though it will be out some time later this year via Def Jam.

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