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INTERVIEW: Aric Chase Damm of The Brevet

“Locked & Loaded”

California rock group The Brevet have been gearing up for the release of their upcoming studio album, due later this year, by performing some of their new songs on the road. Testing out there more anthemic rock melodies on unsuspecting crowds, who in turn, are eating them up.

The Brevet hit the stage with such energy and electricity that the crowd begins to shake as the audience starts to sing along to the chorus of a song they couldn’t have possibly have heard before.

Evolving from their early, more Americana roots, the group has now channeled that vibe into something far more epic. Something more akin to Mumford & Sons mixed with the unbridled enthusiasm of Imagine Dragons.

Salute Magazine recently caught up with Aric Chase Damm, lead singer/guitarist of The Brevet, following a recent performance at The Bowery Ballroom in New York City on Feb. 16th, to discuss their latest single “Locked and Loaded,” the different instrumentation used during live performances, and their upcoming studio album.

SALUTE: People are going to be pretty quick to try and classify the band… so we want to know, how would you define your sound?

ARIC: We’ve been labeled a lot of different things over the last four years of being a band. But, I guess, the biggest word would be “anthemic.” We try to have a larger than life sound. We try and translate that to audiences and through our music and hopefully comes through in what we do.

How long have you been playing together?  

ARIC: We all kind of come from different paths but The Brevet has been a band for about four years now. David [Aguiar] and I were around in the very beginning. David brought in John, then John brought in Greg and Julian as players. It’s the three of us… me, David, and John. We have two amazing musicians with us as well. So we’ve known each other for about four years or so, writing and recording.

You guys are from California. Do you feel like that ever translates into your music?

ARIC: I think so. I think inadvertently it comes through in certain aspects of what we do and how we write certain songs. I don’t know if it’s a huge huge influence. I guess you can be the judge of that. But, we all come from different musical backgrounds in general, styles and whatnot, so we’re pulling from a bunch of different areas of our creativity.

Who are some of the artists that have had the biggest influence on your music?

ARIC: That’s a tough one. When we’re in the car, we listen to a lot of older stuff like The Band, specifically. We listen to a lot of classic rock. As far as the current day goes… I’m a big fan of Kings of Leon, and Mumford [& Sons], and Needtobreathe and I think those bands definitely have an impact on me and the style that I write in and how I create a song. It has definitely affected me.

I don’t know necessarily if I necessarily think about that while I am writing, but I think it plays a factor into what we do. Those guys kind of leading the way in that certain genre. I think they’ve done a really incredible job in making that a popular style of music.

What made you decide to mix in such different instrumentation?

ARIC: I think it’s just what our capabilities are. John plays pedal steel. So, we’re like let’s find a place to make that part of our songs and make it part of our stuff. In the recording process, we do a lot of experimenting. And sometimes it sticks and sometimes it doesn’t. In this case, it has been sticking with what we do and kind of defined our unique sound. And I think with David, with the other side-snare, it’s just different sounds. We really really took the time to with this new record, which is going to be coming out in September, to focus on that. To focus on different sounds. To focus on different styles and the intricacies of that.

How do you think listeners react to the new music when it’s released?

ARIC: Well, we’ve been playing it on this tour with Magic Giant quite a bit. Getting it up and ready. Sometimes we’ll say it’s new music and sometimes we won’t. The show you saw last night was probably only two older songs. All new stuff and I think crowds are really being receptive to it and responding in a good way. It’s interesting for us to see and it’s exciting for us to see. Especially with this new single we just released, “Locked and Loaded,” which came out about three Fridays ago. See people’s reactions to that song has been really great for us. It’s always interesting to see what songs people gravitate to in a live setting. I feel like it’s translating to a live setting as well as a recorded song.

What did you think of your performance in New York City on February 16th?

ARIC: We just feed off the energy of the fans and the audience. New York… I was blown away by the audience last night. I think they were so willing to be involved. That was the coolest thing for me as the singer. As the frontman, it’s really great to feed off their energy and they had great energy last night. So, we all had a great time playing. And that’s the most perfect situation for us. When the audience is feeling a great vibe and we feed off them.

It definitely seemed it was reciprocal. You guys had a lot of energy on stage too.

ARIC: I’m glad you gotta see it before it the interview. You get more of a picture of what we’re trying to accomplish. What we’re growing towards.

We felt great about it. I heard a lot of different things like certain audiences in New York are difficult sometimes. I’m glad I didn’t know that prior to going into it because they sound great to me. I had a great time playing to that audience. Their energy was awesome. We have a good time regardless, but that’s always a cherry on top is when an audience is receptive to our music and is willing to be engaged and active in listening to our music. It’s a best-case scenario for any band.

What’s Next?

ARIC: We have a lot more tours coming up. Obviously, we’re going to be releasing that record and we just released “Locked and Loaded” which is doing great on a lot of different platforms. For us, it’s just about releasing a few more pieces of material, really honing our craft in the live setting, getting in front of audiences and trying to build our fanbase for this next year is our goal right now.


Be sure and check out The Brevet on tour with Magic Giant. For tickets and tour information visit their website or follow them on Twitter.

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