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The wait may soon be over Tool fans

What’s Taking So Long?

It has been almost a dozen long and grueling years since fans of the progressive metal band last heard a “new” Tool album.

The years of constant questioning regarding the band’s long-awaited fifth studio album has led frontman Maynard James Keenan to become rather curt when it comes Tool whereas he is much more forthcoming about his work with the bands A Perfect Circle, who also have new music on the way in April, his comedic side-project, Puscifer, and his successful wine venture.

In an interview with Rolling Stone back in 2013, he explained that recording a new album is a “tedious process.” According to Keenan, “I don’t write the music. They [his bandmates] write the music. I wait for them to bring music to me. They tend to go back over and over stuff. It’s a long process.”

While it was confirmed that a new Tool album is in the works, the process became delayed even further thanks to a legal battle that wasn’t resolved until 2015. Once the lawsuit was settled, the band was free to once again focus their attention on the album and in 2016 went back on the road.

Things were seemingly going as planned, until Keenan went on CBC Radio last year and said, “for some things, yes, I see a plan… and others I just see roadblocks.” It has clearly been a bumpy process for the band, with animosity still running high as members of the group spend time on side-projects and touring.

In the past, Maynard has declared that he is not very fond of Tool fanatics online, however, according to Keenan’s most recent tweets things appear to be making progress and the album might be nearing completion.

Maynard points out that while the band is nearly done with writing, they still have to finish tracking, but are getting closer. In the meantime, he indicates that A Perfect Circle’s first album in 14 years will be released on April 20th, 2018.

News of this was followed by an Instagram post from the band’s guitarist Adam Jones that indicates the band will begin recording in March.

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~ Huge fun & honor performing all the new tunes for Guinea pigs Sebastian & #KingBuzz b4 the recording starts in March. Still instrumentals with Mjk in town working on killer lyrics. Exciting! ————————–Repost from @sebastianbach @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost How lucky am I? Spent yesterday getting my face melted by 3/4 of TOOL at the TOOL headquarters / rehearsal Studio. My very own private Tool show just missing the vocals! This is not just your average simple rock and roll music. This is progressive metal at its most atmospheric and right when you get into a groovy trance you get beat over the head with riffs so heavy it feels like a TOOL. Some tunes were so pummelling it felt like I was getting a deep tissue massage! in fact they could call the record that. No song was shorter than 7 minutes and some were 20 minutes long! Just my idea of how to spend the perfect day! Thank you so much to my great friend Adam Jones and Justin Chancellor on bass for your hospitality! Danny Carey you are one of the most talented drummers I have ever seen in my life and such a nice fun dude! You are all inspirations to me & thank you so much for the great preview! I can only Imagine what the Majestic vocals of Maynard James Keenan would sound like on top of this music. If it's as delicious as his wine is, then I am buying this record for sure! 🎛️🔈🍷cheers guys ! It was also great to see Buzz Osbourne the guitar player for The Melvins, who I last saw backstage in Seattle (I think) when we were drinking beers with Chris Cornell decades ago. Always good to see someone still doing great so many years down the line! #Melvins #Tool #MathRock #Rehearsal #rock #survivors

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It finally looks like Tool fans won’t have to wait too much longer.

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