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Former Spurs C Tiago Splitter Retires

Citing a hip injury, former San Antonio Spurs big man Tiago Splitter has announced his retirement from basketball. Splitter has been sidelined for most of the last two seasons after suffering a hip injury with Atlanta in 2016.

“I did the surgery on the right side of the hip after my injury. It was all right. I put a piece of metal on my hip and I was the first one to play with a prosthesis in the NBA,” Splitter told the media. “But the other side started to hurt so I looked for the same doctor that performed my first surgery. He said he would have to do the same thing on the other side if I wanted to play. I would need another 12, 13 months of recovery. At that point, I thought, it won’t be physically possible for me to compete with these kids.”

Splitter was a member of the Spurs’ 2014 Championship squad before being traded to Atlanta to make way for LaMarcus Aldridge in the San Antonio frontcourt. Some of Splitter’s comments have led to speculation that he could be joining the Spurs in a non-playing role before long.

While Brazilians may remember Splitter as the first of their countrymen to win an NBA title, most Americans will remember him for that time he got stuffed by LeBron James:

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