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Cupcakke parties it up to the “Fullest” in new video

Her bank account is the fullest

CupcakKe is “sicker than most of these hospitals.”

Chicago rapper CupcakKe has released her newest single “Fullest.”

The video is in line with her previous videos as each video is emblematic of what the song truly means. “Cartoons” featured animated elements and “LGBT” featured CupcakKe dancing in a gay club. This video sees CupcakKe living her life up to its fullest potential and being full of fun.

But it’s not only the video that follows suit. The lyrics are what some might see as abrasively racy and others may see as wildly refreshing. It’s true that her lyrics are heavily sexual and openly so, but male rappers are seen as honest when they speak openly about sexual acts and intimacy, whereas she is seen as vulgar.

However, it’s that openness that has fans flocking to her. Fans find themselves impressed with her confidence and the quick wit of her lyrics. CupcakKe’s no holds barred and not taking anyone’s sh-t attitude is what has created a steady fanbase.

Clown your ass to the fullest
Like bitch, your ass ain’t the fullest
You can’t ever make me look foolish
‘Cause my bank account look the fullest
My withdrawals be the fullest
My withdrawals be the fullest
The only thing you draw is them eyebrows
And them bitches still ain’t the fullest

“Fullest” is the third single from her Ephorize album. The rapper’s third album was self-released January 5th, 2018 via TuneCore. It follows “Exit” and “Cartoons” which were both released in the fall of last year.

The 20-year-old is on tour starting February 21st in Chicago. Though tonight’s show is sold out at the Subterranean, tickets to the rest of the tour can be found here on CupcakKe’s Facebook.

February 21st-Chicago, IL
February 23rd-Los Angeles, CA
February 26th-Denver, CO
February 27th-Dallas, TX
February 28th-Austin, TX
March 6th-New York, NY
March 15th-Houston, TX
June 3rd-Baltimore, MD
June 9th-Washington


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