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First Look: The Outsider

The Outsider stars Jared Leto in the darkness of the Yakuza.

The Outsider is a crime drama directed by relative newcomer Martin Zandvliet and written by  John Linson and Andrew Baldwin. The film stars academy award winner, Jared LetoTadanobu AsanoKippei ShînaRory Cochrane, and Emile Hirsch in an unspecified role. The film looks to have some amazing action set pieces in the vein of John Wick. Here is a synopsis of the Netflix film, The Outsider:

The story of a captive American soldier who is set free from prison with the help of his Yakuza cellmate. With this, he repays his debt of gratitude to the Yakuza in a way that will require him to maneuver in the world of criminals.


Set during a post-World War Two Japan, Jared Leto stars as Nick Lowell, a former soldier. The trailer begins with the haunting music of Ruelle’s “Madness.” Lowell is in bed with a beautifully tattooed Japanese woman who explains the fable of the coy fish. A coy fish that can swim up at waterfall becomes a dragon. A suited Lowell is seen walking through a luxurious formal event as the Japanese crowd looks at him with disgust.

Lowell is taken to a Yakuza ceremonial introduction.  A Yakuza leader explains to Lowell that to become a Yakuza is a choice. You trade one type of family for another. Once you are in, there is no going back. These adopted traditions of the Yakuza begin to clash with Lowell’s American sensibilities as Lowell is shown diving deeper and deeper into the Yakuza. Lowell becomes entangled in a web of crime and violence he might not be able to come out of alive.

Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy were originally up for the role of Nick Lowell before Leto eventually landed it. Leto grew out his hair and his beard in preparation for the role of Lowell when we first meet the character as U.S. prisoner of war. The Outsider was filmed on location in Japan.

The Outsider hits the program queue March 9th, 2018.


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