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MFW: Gucci Fall/Winter 2018 RTW

Severed heads, baby dragons & handbags

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Milan Fashion Week was not prepared for the macabre tale Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele was about to strut down the runway for his latest fall/winter 2018 collection.

The show took place in a morbid scenery, that resembled the perfect mesh between an operating room, a waiting space, and Frankenstein’s lab. Complete with PVC on the walls and floors, operating tables and chairs, fire doors, panic-bars, LED lamps and plastic waiting room chairs. The audience was filled with celebrities who couldn’t wait to see what the legendary brand had in store this season.

According to Vogue, when Michele was asked about the collection he said,

 “We are the Dr. Frankenstein of our lives. There’s a clinical clarity about what I am doing. I was thinking of a space that represents the creative act. I wanted to represent the lab I have in my head. It’s physical work, like a surgeon’s.”

The relevance between the creative aspect of the show and the designs came full circle once the models began walking down the morbid runway.

The range was filled with loose fitting outlines in bold hues and daring patterns, with a touch of cross-cultural appreciation along the way. Featuring beige, vintage Italian 80s inspired businessmen suits, modest, almost fully covered-up folk dresses in traditional patterns, 20s showgirl daring jewelry, a whimsical power-woman ruched dress, edgy leather peplum jackets, and even a pagoda hat that made the audience gasp for air.

Additionally, there was an abundance of sweaters in different patterns and textures, that further emphasized the layered look Gucci has been focusing on. In true Gucci fashion, the brand’s logo was everywhere, including on sheer body bags that were used as accessories for glamourous pieces.

The label took it a step further and showcased its new collab with MLB featuring power-suits, and everyday essentials with the New York Yankees logo.

Perhaps the stand out pieces of the show were Gucci’s eye-catching accessories, including traditional handbags in muted hues, severed heads that were identical to the model’s carrying them, baby dragons that appeared almost too realistic, and iguanas that seemed to almost blend-in with every piece.

Every aspect of the show took the audience to a different location- a morbid lab that transformed contemporary trends and took them to the next level, creating a show that will be talked about and celebrated for quite some time.

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