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Lana Del Rey belts out karaoke with fan

A special duet

Lana Del Rey is as normal as anyone.

It’s always refreshing to see a popular artist prove to their fans that they’re just as normal as they are. In this case, it’s Lana Del Rey.

As she took a break from her LA to the Moon tour for her second album Lust for Life, she hit up her local karaoke bar in Los Angeles when a fan got an unsuspecting surprise.

As the fan started to sing Lana’s “Cherry” from her most recent album, the singer took it upon herself to hop on stage with the fan and start to sing and dance to the song. Clad in a casual outfit of leggings, gym shoes and a black top, the singer let the fan have center stage for his rousing rendition of her hit song.

While some fans may have been skeptical about the authenticity of the video as well as it really being Lana Del Rey on stage with him, the singer not only retweeted it, but also went so far as to add her own two cents in.

Some artists might not want to hear their own songs being sung on a night off from their tour, but it’s nice to see someone who not only doesn’t mind, but fully embraces the experience. It allows fans to see their favorite artists less as deities and more as normal human beings who also like to have fun.

Lana Del Rey has been touring her new album across North America since January and will soon head to South America in March before heading to Australia and then Europe.

Fans might want to keep their eyes peeled around their tour dates for any sighting of the star at a local karaoke spot. They might just be the next star of a Lana Del Rey duet!

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