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MFW: Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2018 RTW

Religion meets high-fashion

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The luxurious brand, Dolce & Gabbana put together an outstanding event that screamed “religious fashion lover,” to showcase their latest collection during Milan Fashion Week.

The show took place in a set constructed to resemble the baroque Oratorio Di Santa Cita church in Palermo, Sicily, complete with gilded alter gates and drones carrying D&G handbags. To further emphasize the theme of the collection the drones each carried communion Host on top of them. The crowd was filled with Millennials ready to worship the brand’s latest designs.

The collection was filled with classic D&G outlines paired with daring prints and patterns that further embraced the theme of the show. Featuring feminine mini dresses in different shades of lace, cut velvet in hues of cherry red, hunter green, and vintage pink, impeccably crafted Vatican City vest brocades, and delicate, ruched corsets and pencil skirts.

Suits played a big role in the range offering classic outlines with hints of embroidery and embellishments peeking through. There was even a suit with a priest collar that went perfectly with the theme of the show.

Evening wear stole the show, with fitted silhouettes in lace fabrics and rich muted hues that were styled with fishnet socks and heels. Accessories took on a royal feel to them with large crowns and neck pieces that were encrusted with crystals.

Additionally, there was an abundance of scrumptious sequin and embroidered pieces, including sweatshirts with Virgin Mary icon embroidery, T-shirts with large religious images, and fully-sequin jerseys. Sportswear was presented through a few pieces, including velvet tracksuits, jerseys, and a silky bomber jacket with cherub wings emerging from the back.

The show concluded with three religious figures displayed on the runway: a Pope inspired coat, a Virgin Mary sequined dress that was paired with jeweled cowboy boots and a priest’s black robe.

Dolce & Gabbana are not known for being understated and this range showed just how bold they can be. The intricate collection told a religious story in a Millennia-driven world.

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