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MFW: Versace Fall/Winter 2018 RTW

A mesh of patterns

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Versace took Milan Fashion Week on a roller coaster of patterns and vivid hues with their latest elegant yet trendy new fall collection.

The event took place in Palazzo Reale di Milano a dramatic yet edgy space that provided the perfect setting for the latest range. The crowd was filled with the whos-who of the fashion and modeling industry. Everyone wanted to see what the designer had come up with next after the success of the “Gianni Versace” inspired previous collection.

The range consisted of flamboyant, bold designs that were constructed with the modern woman in mind. Featuring tulip-shaped silhouettes that were seen on miniskirts and dress, timeless school girl collar shirts, beige tailoring pieces, slick structured trench coats, impeccable camel coats in numerous outlines and corsets that were paired off with traditional T-shirts underneath.

Additionally, there was an abundance of vivid punchy-plaids in hues of canary yellow, electric blue, and pungent magenta that were styled together with varsity sweaters and kilts with an obvious 90s, 2000s undertone to them.

Likewise, there was a great quantity of simple, chic pieces, including white and black leggings that were paired with statement crystal-beaded fringe over the knee boots. Perhaps the highlight of the show was a trio of simple, elegant black-power dresses, styled with matching headscarves.

The fashion powerhouse seemed to have taken a different direction when it came to putting this collection together, it felt fresher and even a bit nostalgic. It is safe to say this range was geared towards the new generation of luxury fashion lovers.

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