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YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s bizarre weekend arrest

Arrested again

YoungBoy Never Broke Again has been arrested.

In a bizarre turn of events, YoungBoy Never Broke again or NBA YoungBoy for short, found himself in hot water over the weekend at a hotel in Georgia.

In a graphic surveillance video obtained by TMZthe rapper is seen aggressively throwing his girlfriend, Jania, to the ground in the hallway. She seems to be fighting back and eventually slides out of her sweatshirt as he yanks her towards him. They go off camera, but then come back still pushing and shoving one another. The way he’s talking to her seems antagonistic.

Another guest heard the commotion and alerted the front desk who then called the cops. By the time the authorities had arrived, the couple had left, but the footage, as well as blood found in their room, was more than enough for an arrest despite having crossed state lines into Florida.

It turns out that the “Solar Eclipse” rapper was a fugitive with an outstanding warrant for allegedly committing assault, weapons violations, and kidnapping. Authorities caught up to his tour bus in Tallahassee, Florida and took him into custody.

But the bizarre nature of this arrest does not stop there. In a strange twist of events, despite anyone with eyes being able to see what was happening in the surveillance video, Jania took to social media to explain that it was simply the two messing around.

She states that he was never seen hitting her and that the push and pull is normal for the couple. Jania explains that he’s always asking her if she wants to go home and if she was being held against her will, he wouldn’t be asking her that. She stands firm against the kidnapping accusations.

It should be noted that she never addressed the body slam which is a huge cause for concern. First, unless there is a soft place to land underneath, that should not be part of any type of play. Second, she seemed to skim over it which was the worst part.

The entire situation seems bizarre and off-putting. However, NBA YoungBoy still remains in custody and no further details have emerged at this time.

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