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First Look: The Supernatural Thriller “Veronica”

It all started with Ouija….

Spain’s Answer To The Conjuring Will Scare The Life Out Of You!

Every once in a while Netflix decides to surprise their viewers with an unexpected gift. Today that gift comes in the form of highly regarded Spanish horror film, Veronicaalso known as  La posesión de Verónica. Directed by Paco Plazathe man behind the hugely successful horror franchise REC, comes a new supernatural horror film that is drawing comparisons to director James Wan‘s highly acclaimed The Conjuring franchise. The film is written by  Fernando NavarroPaco Plaza. It stars Spanish actors Sandra EscacenaBruna González, and Claudia Placer It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. Veronica debuted in Spanish theaters August 25th, 2017. Here is a synopsis of the film Veronica.

In 1991 Madrid, after holding a seance at school, a teen girl minding her younger siblings at home suspects an evil force has entered their apartment.

The trailer begins by introducing the title character, Veronica. She is your average teenage Catholic school student doing typical rebellious activities with her two friends. They sneak down into a dark basement when they come across a Quija board the girls decide to experiment with the spirit board and see if they can contact the other side.

They never imagined they would get a response from someone or something. When Veronica starts to notice weird occurrences, visions, scars, and bruises she has no recollection of receiving, she begins to worry. Not just for herself but also for her younger siblings.

During the seance with her friends, Veronica is possessed by something genuinely horrific. Veronica and her household fall under an unexplainable supernatural assault that they can not begin to fathom. From the creative mind of Paco Plaza, the writer, and director of the popular zombie franchise, REC, comes a terrifying tale of pure unimaginable evil.

Veronica is now playing on the streaming service.

Watch: Veronica Trailer



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