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Quincy Jones Publishes Apology

“Q says he’s sorry”

American record producer Quincy Jones, also known as Q, has released a lengthy Twitter apology addressing the “word-vomit” that came about during some recent interviews, one with GQ, and one with Vulture.

Aged 85 years, Jones seems to have revealed a little bit too much of the knowledge he accrued from being in the music industry since the fifties.

In his interview with Vulture, Jones speaks quite candidly about subjects like Michael Jackson’s greed and having stolen songs like Donna Summer’s “State of Independence,” and the song “Billie Jean,” his first impression of The Beatles, his relationship with the Trumps, and the state of popular music now.

Both interviews are actually quite interesting, and certainly worth the read. Jones is an intelligent man who worked tirelessly to master his craft and become the absolute best at what he did—which he says, is something young musicians don’t have the discipline for these days.

He calls the current generation of musicians and producers “lazy” for not going back and learning from old-school masters like himself, and not fully mastering their own craft. He says this laziness manifests itself audibly in the music.

Jones seems to be babbling about several things that seem quite impossible to believe or wrap readers’ minds around, such as Marlon Brando allegedly “fucking James Baldwin. Richard Pryor. Marvin Gaye.” He says these things with little context leaving readers stunned and questioning how this all went down.

Some of the stories Jones recounts, however, are believable solely based on the fact that if anybody was to witness or have had these experiences, it would undoubtedly be Quincy Jones.

Jones recalls of the days when he was on tour with Lionel Hampton, “every time we’d go to Detroit, at the Majestic hotel, standing in front, with his Italian shit on and amber glasses…” none other than Detroit Red, more famously known as Malcolm X.

While some of the content of these interviews with Jones is fascinating and insightful, quite a bit of it is controversial and perhaps should have been kept to himself.

In Jones’ apology, he attributes his three daughters, Rashida, Kidada Jolie, Kenya, Martina and Rachel for calling him out on his actions, forcing him to reflect on his words and the info he shared. Jones takes responsibility for his mistakes and states that he “learned his lesson.” Read his apology here.

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