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Newly uncovered Amy Winehouse demo “My Own Way” released

Made her own way

Amy Winehouse is singing beyond the grave.

After tragically succumbing to complications of alcohol withdrawal in 2011, the world that they had sadly heard the last of Amy Winehouse. This was hammered home even more in 2015, four years after her death, when Universal Music UK CEO David Joseph had announced that he had all of Winehouse’s demos destroyed in an effort to eliminate any posthumously released songs.

However, those were studio demos or demos that he was aware of. This did not include any demos that the singer had created before finding a record label and becoming the Amy Winehouse the world came to know.

Published to YouTube over the weekend, “My Own Way” is a demo written Gil Cang and James McMillan and performed by Winehouse in her late teen years when she was trying to get a record deal.

The caption on the video reads:

This is a song demo that Gil Cang and James Mcmillan and Maryanne Morgan wrote with Amy back in the day that we love and want the world to be able to hear

It’s a track that will surprise listeners as it’s much less the deep, husky voice of yesteryear that we associate with the singer and much more pop singer. However, that does not negate the beauty and power in both voices. She was, of course, younger on “My Own Way” than she was when she rose to fame and voices and styles can change over time.

The pop vibe was explained by Cang in conversation with the Camden New Journal.

“We’d been writing quite a lot of pop tunes, doing a lot of pop promos with various artists who would come in, many of various, dubious talent. It was at a particularly dire time in the pop world – lots of terrible, terrible girl bands and boy bands and we had to make something for them. Amy came in to see us, opened her mouth and just blew us all away.”

He found the track again recently and knew that fans of Winehouse needed to hear it. It’s a gift of a new song for an artist taken much too soon.

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