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The Spice Girls might be spicing up the royal wedding

Girl Power Meets Royalty

Make it last forever, Spice Girls love never ends.

The most talked about wedding of the year might have just found its reception entertainment. Yesterday, when speaking to the other panelists of The RealMel B. let slip that all five members of the iconic girl group The Spice Girls were invited and would be attending the royal wedding.

It was only recently that the group nearly blew up the Internet and all of social media when Posh Spice Victoria Beckham posted a photo with the fab five to Instagram.

The post, which Scary Spice Mel B. says was never meant to be posted for the world to see, incited many rumors ranging from new album to a new tour to a possible Vegas residency. However, the group shot it down saying that they were merely meeting up to discuss new business avenues and that touring was simply off the table.

Now, however, it seems that that meeting may have just been for another reason altogether. Not only was she asked about whether or not she would be attending, cohost Lonnie Love asked if the girls would be performing which caused the Spice Girl to get flustered, throw her cards in the air and say that she was going to get fired.

Does this mean that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have asked the girl group to perform a few hits at the reception? They are British and the prince is said to be a huge fan, but it could also be Markle flexing her new power to see if she could get the group she no doubt listened to in the 90s to reform for just one night. Why else invite all five when Harry is known only as a friend of the Victoria and her husband David Beckham?

While there has been no further comment, a source apparently close to the group told Page Six that Mel B was making the whole thing up, while other sources say that the talks are ongoing and nothing has been made official yet.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will wed on May 19th at Windsor Castle.

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