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Watch: Valee premieres Twilight Zone-like video ‘Miami’ feat. Pusha T

Don’t panic.

Valee gives peculiar first impression with imaginative video “Miami” feat. Pusha T

Chicago native bred rapper Valee has some pretty humongous things happening for him right now. On Feb 1 it was officially announced that he was now signed with Pusha T‘s label G.O.O.D. Music.

Also, Valee now has a new single “Miami” out and a video to go along with it.

The “Miami” video is certainly an odd one to say the least. It has this Twilight Zone meets Alice in Wonderland vibe about it in terms of its peculiar avant garde-like imagery that somehow works with the deep groove and flow of the song incredibly well.

This of course can to the surprise of very few easily be attributed to the fact that a significant portion of the song’s subject matter is related directly to doing drugs and some of the hallucinations that often occur from them depending on which specific ones were indulged in.

There are bunny people, creepy stoic kids, big cartoonish colorful wax figures of said creepy stoic kids, giant blow-up flamingos, and more.

There are of course some more normal visuals for rap videos as well such as bars, things implied to be drugs (though not really), scantily clad attractive women, the beach, and more.

It really is a sight to behold that can only be truly understood and appreciated by taking the time to actually sit down and watch the video.

This is not the first appearance “Miami” has made to the public, however. The track was also on Valee’s 2016 mixtape 12:12 Again, but was remixed with Pusha T’s verse in it for the official 2018 studio version.

“Miami” will be on Valee’s upcoming debut studio album GOOD Job, You Found Me which is expected to be out on March 2.

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Watch: Valee feat. Pusha T Miami

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