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Even Donald Glover gets awkward sometimes

From champagne bottles to Whole Foods

Donald Glover’s job isn’t always glamorous.

On a recent stop to the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, actor/writer/director/rapper/everything-under-the-sun-human Donald Glover sat down to chat about the new season of his award-winning TV show Atlanta.

The show, which sees its second season premiere tonight, March 1st, on FX, focuses on Glover’s  character Earn managing his cousin “Paper Boi” as the ascend the social ladder of the Atlanta rap scene.

When asked why he doesn’t appear as a rapper on the show, as he is in real life, he explains that it would be weird to really be one and then play one trying to make it. He knows people tune in because they want to see the struggle of trying to make it; not played by someone who already has.

But his experiences lend themselves to the show as some of what happens on the show has happened to him, his brother or other writers.

He likens Atlanta to Curb Your Enthusiasm as being a rapper can be super awkward. When pressed by Colbert to explain the awkwardness of being a rapper, Glover explained,

“You’re in the video and you’ve got champagne and butts close to your face. And then you have to go to Whole Foods. And they’re like ‘you’re that dude,’ and you’re like, ‘please, I just want to buy this ice cream.’ But they’re like, ‘yo, you gotta be you right now, so let’s take this picture’ and then you have to be that wrestler face, but in the real world all the time.”

Having to switch between who someone is in real life and who they are on stage is likely very tough. That contrast can be super awkward when they’re out doing normal things like taking their kids for a walk or buying groceries.

Entertainers are meant to entertain, to put on a show. Fans shouldn’t expect the people who choose that path to be on all of the time. It’s refreshing to hear Glover speak so freely about the pitfalls of fame, specifically in the rap industry.

Atlanta premieres tonight, March 1st, on FX.

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Watch: Donald Glover on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

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