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Watch: Iggy Azalea is angelic in “Savior” video

A thing of beauty…

Iggy Azalea is a portrayed as a celestial goddess in her latest video premiere

As a promotional debut for her upcoming album Surviving The Summer, Australian bred rapper Iggy Azalea joined forces with Quavo to conceive a holy sanctuary broadcast for their single “Savior,” as a first bite into the album.

Despite Quavo being absent in the video, the display is still strikingly appealing to viewers in a weird cryptic way.

The video begins with Azalea walking down a dark murky isle of a cathedral holding a bouquet of ignited roses, rocking a neon halo which lights up her path before she is purified by a mysterious shadowy figure.

The allegorical presentation which was created by award-winning director Colin Tilley sets in a neon infused church as it pans over the pop star battling her demon’s from within. 

The scenes portrayed in the video come off as an odd pagan ritual of some sort; as other onlookers describe it as a “mockery”, full of satanic symbolic messages.

It’s clear that the message is revolving around Azalea’s career, which can also be seen as a fight against the music industry as a solo female artist. It’s been proven after all, that female musicians are always downplayed as ‘sellouts’ by a man dominated industry.

Stepping into religious boundaries can be viewed as Azalea reaching out for help but she comes to realization that the only person that can be depended on is one’s self.

Eventually, a clip of a reborn Azalea with gleaming lights is shown which is possibly representing her as an unstoppable force unleashing her inner strengths in her music career.

The electric-zest tune is catchy regardless, and Quavo’s rap hooks compliment the song’s entirety. In talking about the track, Azalea describes her personal take on what she’s trying to bring awareness to in the video. 

“The song itself speaks to the notion of looking for a savior when you feel like you’re at your absolute lowest, an idea that resonates with almost everyone’s need for companionship.

However, upon further thought, I believe that there is an even deeper message hidden in the song: Before someone else can save you, you need to find peace within yourself.

In searching for a savior, you will find one, but it may not be the person you were expecting. You, ultimately, are your own greatest savior.”

Surviving The Summer was said to be launched last year, but due to business related troubles it was delayed. Fortunately this year it’s a definite yes to the anticipated release.

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Watch: Iggy Azalea Savior

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