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Listen: Jack White cranks up in “Over and Over and Over”

My shoulder holds the weight of the world.

“Over and Over and Over” shows Jack White will never give up the volume

It has been nearly four years since the last time the musical Willy Wonka Jack White put out a new studio album. However, the former White Stripes front man is about to change that with his upcoming third LP Boarding House Reach.

The record, which gets released on March 23 via White’s personal record label Third Man Records is now up to four of its 12 tracks being released to the public – the most recent of which is the newly released single “Over and Over and Over”.

“Over and Over and Over” is more along the lines of what fans have come to know and love from White.

Where the first single “Connected By Love” was more of a ballad and “Corporation” and “Respect Commander” were more experimental avant garde pieces, this tune ROCKS.

“Over and Over and Over” has those beefy multiple octave layered riffs, harmonized leads, thundering driving rhythms, and those howling vocals that White has long since firmly cemented as his signature style.

Naturally though, this is not just a straight up rock n’ roll tune. Nothing White does ever is.

It also has some other unusual yet intriguing aspects, such as haunting harmonizing female backing vocals, a bit of Latin drumming in the background, and a rather primitive tribal sounding bridge.

There seems to be a noticeable amount of the south of the border kind of sound in terms of rhythm in what has been released of Boarding House Reach so far, which is fascinating.

White is about to be touring the US extensively to multiple long since already sold out crowds. Any tickets still available can be found here.

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Listen: Jack White Over and Over and Over

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