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Kyrie Irving locks in on the Charlotte Hornets

Kyrie Irving scored an amazing 34 points in 24 minutes!

Kyrie Irving came through hard for the Boston Celtics Wednesday night when they matched up against the Charlotte Hornets. The Boston Celtics have won all three games since the all-star break, and that has much to do with the stellar moves of Kyrie Irving. Last night in the first quarter it only took Irving 24 minutes to score a whopping 34 points wowing the hometown fans.

The 25-year-old point guard gave the Celtics an 11pt margin leading them to an aggressive win against the Hornets at 134-106. Coach Brad Stevens seemed pleasantly surprised by the way Kyrie and the team came back from the break.

“I thought he went into the break hurting a little bit for how we played. I think that that was a feeling shared by all of us on how our team performed in the last few days leading up to the break. And I thought that he hopefully had time to relax and kind of get away for a minute. But clearly when we came back (last) Wednesday, we were ready to go. And he was as locked in as anybody.”

In a post-game interview, Irving accredited the renewed energy to aggressive plays.

“My being aggressive just creates a lot of opportunities for my teammates.”

Overall, the Celtics are in a great position right now sitting second in the Eastern Conference with 44 wins and 19 losses right behind the Toronto Raptors who have 43 wins and 17 losses. The Celtics will face the Houston Rockets on Saturday, March 3rd at Houston.

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