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PWF: Kenzo brings artwork to life

The jungle where dreams are made of


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French luxury house Kenzo unveiled an unforgettable presentation, bringing the brand’s ‘jungle’ world of fashion to life. Creative directors, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, considered combining historical and artistic movements when designing the collection.

The presentation was dedicated to the brand’s, La Collection Memento, that distinguishes into three sections. La Collection Memento No. 3 became the most impressive as it was a tribute to Henri Rousseau, a self-taught French impressionist painter. The brand’s founder, Kenzo Takada, found admiration in Rousseau’s 1910 “The Dream,” which portrayed a naked woman lying amongst a jungle. Both Lim and Leon represented Kenzo’s admiration for the painter.

Debuted in the Monnaje de Paris, the fashion house was able to cleverly incorporate tropical vibes into a sophisticated renovation. The attendees were treated to a Japanese Kawaii band and food stalls of tempura. Using cozy turtleneck knit sweaters and trendy ruffled skirts, Kenzo represented its reference well using thematic colors. Leave it up to Kenzo to make layering seem effortless. Contrasting different hues and stripes, each piece came together to create an artwork.

The collection featured shearling coats, urban bucket hats, and flattering jumpers that were styled in the line’s color theme. The duo used vibrant colors like cerulean resembling the sky, red and yellow tones evoking a sunset in a jungle. Rousseau’s work and choice of oil colors were successfully depicted through the fashion house’s flowy dresses and fitted trousers. It’s safe to say the French label’s tiger emblem illustrates the fierce contributions of the brand.

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