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Listen: “Worry No More” by Diplo feat. Santigold & Lil Yachty

No more worries

Diplo doesn’t want to worry anymore.

Not even a month after releasing his track with DRAM, Diplo has just released another track featuring Santigold and Lil Yachty off of his California EP due out next month.

“Worry No More,” which is about keeping a tight grip on your dreams about moving up in the world and doing big things, is a fun romp that will likely make its way onto the summer radio hits list.

“Worry No More” is a fun dance track all about big dreams and making it.

I don’t wanna worry no more
I just wanna ball like the big leagues
I just want a nice house on the shore
I just want a big house like Gatsby
So catch me if you can
I’m chasing after my dreams
I wanna be the man
I wanna be the star on the scene

The accompanying video has Santigold with bubblegum pink hair and powder blue apron working at the Lots O’ Cakes bakery alongside Lil Yachty, which was Santigold’s idea according to the tweet Diplo sent out.

They’re working hard and dreaming harder. The pastel colored video also coincides with not only the dreamer mentality, but the California vibe as well.

The California EP consists of track that the performer/producer worked on last year in California and features a shift in his work.

Instead of leaning more towards EDM, Diplo is putting out more hip-hop heavy tracks with live instrumentation on this release, XXL Mag reports.

This shift is a direct influence of an influx of rappers making their way to California and filling the city with their music. Diplo is working with the artists that are continuing to inspire him to make music and wanted to capture that on the EP, even if it meant making a shift in his sound.

California is expected sometime next month.

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Watch: Diplo feat. Santigold & Lil Yachty Worry No More

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