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PWF: Balmain debuts holographic trend

An iridescent catwalk

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Balmain’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection took its guests back to the 80’s during Paris Fashion Week, establishing a new trend. The French luxury fashion house debuted holographic pieces inspired by certain aesthetics seen on social media. Giving credit to the new generation, Balmain is here to remind everyone that history is constantly repeating itself and it’s not a bad thing.

Ironically, designs on the pieces had futuristic vibes and tones from the past. Creative director, Olivier Rousteing, created ready-to-wear pieces using trendy iridescent hues. The collection consisted of luminious blazers and sequined sweaters with metallic trench coats. Since last season, Balmain has been on board with making transparent PVC and vinyl an unforgettable trend. The models wore simple make-up and had natural waves swept to the side, making the designs the center of the attention.

Rousteing incorporated laid-back sophisticated designs, including quilted pants fitted loosely, boxy jackets and pleaded skirts. The fashion house took the audience by surprise when unveiling ripped jeans on the catwalk, paired with a metallic crewneck sweater and a cozy cardigan. What was most flattering, was Rousteing’s unique vinyl details under the ripped details. With sheer jackets and boxy shoulder pads, the collection’s polished pieces seem wearable.

The show carried on its 80’s vibes, having the soundtrack reflect the designs as they were sported down the runway. Stepping away from the holographic hues, the show transitioned into a color palette of black, nude, and white. With “Take On Me” by A-ha’s in the background, the line featured a two piece long sleeve crop top with matching pants, and ‘Balmain’ splayed repetitively. Unveiling an eccentric blue, the collection displayed unique flowing pleaded skirts and Balmain’s signature military style jackets. From neon green transparent jackets and bright yellow fur coats, Rousteing wasn’t afraid to reminisce a different era.

Even with graphic Balmain tees stating “We are the new generation,” Rousteing’s collection depicts the influence history has had in the present. It’s safe to say Balmain has confirmed there is nothing wrong with combining high-end and casual pieces to create a perfect ensemble.

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