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Solange jams out with Steve Lacy

Just jamming

Solange is jamming out, but not putting down.

Solange recently sat down with Billboard to discuss where she’s at in her life and in her career. She explained that she had been “jamming” with Steve Lacy, the 19-year-old performer/producer that has taken the Internet by storm.

“He’s like, ‘OK, I got these chords.’ ‘Hey, papa, let’s go!’”

But “jamming” is all she intends on doing. despite the immense critical and fan acclaim surrounding her 2016 smash album A Seat at the Table and a blanketed desire for more, the singer is taking a break from entertaining.

“I’m clear within myself that I’m not interested in entertainment at this moment. That might change. There might be a moment where I decide, ‘Hey, I love the game.’ For right now, I’m not [there].”

The announcement should not come as a shock. In late December, the singer announced via Instagram that she would not be performing at AfroPunk in Johannesburg as she had recently been diagnosed with an autonomic disorder that would prevent her from giving the performance she had wanted.

Additionally, fans of Solange know that she takes her time when it comes to her work. Of the process of being an artist these days, she says,

“This cycle of you put out an album, now you go and perform it, and then you go back and you work on another one for however long, and then as soon as that’s done, you put one out again… it’s the cycle that the music industry has set in place for us. Artists are really whimsical.”

Creating like that must be difficult, but for Solange, she takes on different projects in order to influence others. After a rousing, all-white-clad-outifts performance  that celebrated black culture at the Guggenheim in New York City, she has taken to creating art and installations for other museums.

She created a “digital dossier” of performance art pieces called “Seventy States” that reference collagist Betye Saar at the Tate Modern in London and hopes to create more.

For now, fans will have to wait for the mood to strike Solange next.

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