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Beauty products abuela’s swear by that actually work

Maybe abuela does know best

When it comes to beauty products Latin grandmothers tend to have their very own list of cult favorites that should never be changed or messed with. In fact, if a specific beauty product is no longer found in local stores they will order them aboard with a relative that left on vacation to their native country. Here are a few abuela favorites that actually work.

Instant Heat Rollers


Photo via Ulta

For generations, Latin grandmothers have always been seen with those plastic little rollers in their hair that seem to give the perfect curl every time.  Those specific rollers are a bit difficult to find, but a modern alternative is Conair’s set of instant heat rollers that provide the same results.

Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser


Photo via Target

This specific cleanser has been a universal grandmother favorite for centuries due to its gentle makeup-removing powers. It not only works like a charm for makeup-removal, but it also doubles as a light moisturizer for dry skin.

La Plancha Hair Treatment


Photo via Amazon

Made in the Dominican Republic this hair treatment has been in most, if not every Latinas bathroom at some point. It works like a charm to help restore moisture and bring damaged hair back to life. Most Hispanic women can recall the moment their mother and/or abuela would walk around with this hair mask on while cleaning the house or the typical mayonnaise and egg yolk DIY project that smelled weird but got the job done.

Mirta de Perales hair serum


Photo via Amazon

This beloved Argan oil has been around for numerous generations and it continues to sell extremely well due to its anti-frizz property. Every Latina knows there is a little bit of magic in this product. It gets the job done with little to no residue left behind.

Silicon Mix


photo via amazon

Silicon mix is one of those products that will forever be a classic element in a Latina’s hair routine. This restorative mask not only helps with hair damage and curl definition, but it has essential nutrients that work together to help grow healthy manageable hair.

Baba de Caracol


photo via amazon

Latin grandmothers all over the world are arguing in Spanish over where to buy this facial cream at least once a week. If a Latina grandmother can’t find Baba de Caracol in a local beauty store, she will get it sent from a relative aboard. It is a serious matter in a Latin household. Matter of fact, abuela’s are known for having a stash of these under their bathroom sink. Babe de Caracol can pretty much be called “Botox in a jar for Latinas.”

Nivea Crème


photo via Target

Created in the 1930s by a German pharmacist this little blue tin works wonders on dry skin. It deeply moisturizes the skin while leaving a subtle glow behind. The notorious smell has been lingering in Hispanic households for decades.

Petroleum Jelly


photo via vaseline

Petroleum jelly is one of those items that is similar to Vapor rub it just works for everything. For ashy elbows, dry hands, dry lips, dry ankles even dry feet. It’s one of those staple items Latinas carry around in their purse as a “just in case.”

Much to no one’s surprise abuela was not only right about not dating that gringo that doesn’t know how to dance, but she was also right about using these beauty products.

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