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The mantle of Spider-Man continues under Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley

Marvel announces the next stage for Spider-Man through writer Nick Spencer and artist Ryan Ottley.

Marvel Comics is happy to announce the next team to take over the famous wall crawler The Amazing Spider-Man. Veteran comic writer Nick Spencer and acclaimed artist Ryan Ottley will come together to develop the next arcs to effect Peter Parker and potentially the Marvel Universe.

The transition will come into play July 11th this year as this new team includes Cliff Rathburn and Laura Martin. Cliff will be responsible for ink while Laura shall manage the colors to bring the world of Spider-Man to life.

Nick Spencer is known for his numerous titles that being Secret Empire, Captain America: Steve Rogers, and Doctor Strange: Damnation. He is known to handle large story lines either featuring one or multiple characters. Nick is well known for his habit to set up cliffhangers within his comics compelling readers to finish the tale.

Ryan Ottley has built himself and solid reputation through his work on Invincible, and Haunt. Both comics were published through Image Comics. His specialty comes in the form of pencil work that holds depth and emotion for the characters and structure of the environment.

Ryan tells Marvel his approach to tackle Spider-Man and how his perspective will reflect the course of the famous character.

“Well I’ve always loved the way Todd McFarlane and Erik Larsen drew Spidey, with the larger eyes and the crazy poses and webbing, so I will alaways be influenced by those few things. But I am trying to keep this stuff me. If you’ve read “Invincible,” you’ll recognize me on Spider-Man and how I emote and set mood and pacing.”

Comic book fans will view a new dynamic to the neighborly superhero taking on new threats, characters, and more action that can fit inside a graphic series. The official comic will go under the title name AMAZING SPIDER-MAN#1.

Ryan continues to tell Marvel the passion behind the pencil as he takes on the mantle of the iconic character.

“Spider-Man was my gateway into the world of comics so it definitely feels full circle, I’m drawing what I always dreamed of drawing when I was a teenager. And to be honest, I’ve been drawing super hero comics so long on “Invincible” that I thought this would be business as usual drawing super heroes but that kid in me is having a lot more fun drawing these characters than I thought I would have! The change to a new project was a much easier transition than I anticipated. Thank goodness!”

Be the first to witness the new take on Spider-Man July 11th, 2018.


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