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MIXTAPE: J-Hood calls out 6ix9ine with ‘Killer of Kings’

J-Hood has a serious problem with controversial rap artist 6ix9ine. The 33-year-old Yonkers rapper unloads with a six-song barrage aimed at the multi-colored musician, his gang affiliation, and his criminal record.

j_hood_killer_of_kings_3_day_theory-frontThe mixtape—aptly named Killer of Kings: 3 Day Theory—is one big verbal haymaker directed at the gang-affiliated for his involvement in sexual activity with a 13-year-old minor. The story was first uncovered by Genius, last November, that the 21-year-old rapper pled guilty to a felony count for the “use of a child in a sexual performance.”

This is of course not the first time the rapper has caught either a physical or a verbal beatdown as a result, being labeled a “pedophile” by both gang members and the hip-hop community who are equally offended by the 2015 criminal complaint filed by the child’s mother after she saw her daughter exposed on social media.

The mixtape opens with “K.O.K” a short introduction about “monsters” and how J-Hood is unafraid of the S.C.U.M. Gang that the rapper runs with. He follows with the first track, “Red Rum,” which he calls a “warning shot” that goes after Tekashi69, stating that he makes all of New York City look bad.

“New Era” is a hardcore rap directed at 6ix9ine’s recent proclamation, in which he declared himself the “King of New York.” In so many words, J-Hood tells the young rapper to cut things out before somebody gets hurt.

The mixtape comes to a close with his “Tec Grippin Freestyle” which he follows with the brief outro skit “Studio Gangsta.”

J-Hood’s latest mixtape isn’t bad, but the skits felt a little unnecessary, but he touches on a number of problems with the rising popularity of artists like 6ix9ine, who debatably are not only bad role models but are overall just bad people. 

RATING: 3.5 / 5


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