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Ann Taylor launches ‘Pants are Power’ campaign

Ann Taylor empowers women

Ann Taylor is taking a stance in support of women empowerment and equality. Prior to 1940, women were arrested for wearing pants in public.

Your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans or most comfortable pair of leggings would be considered an offense resulting in arrest and jail time. Today, this may seem foolish or unimaginable, but it was the reality of women everywhere up until the mid 1900’s.

In 1972, girls were granted the “right to wear pants to school.” Female newscasters, flight attendants, and congresswoman had to fight to be able to wear pants, instead of skirt or dresses. Ann Taylor has not forgotten these injustices and aims to support women and promote gender equality with their latest campaign, “Pants are Power.”

Ann Taylor released a statement saying,

“As we looked back at the history of women’s equality, we were surprised to see it mirrored in the right to wear pants. But upon reflection, it made sense. We believe the right to pants are powerful, and at Ann Taylor, we design our pants to make women feel her absolute, most powerful best.”

Ann Taylor is celebrating March, National Women’s History Month, with the release of their latest video campaign, paying tribute to powerful women in the workplace and the emasculation of pants.

As Ann Taylor puts it, “The right pants are powerful. Just like the women who wear them.”

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Watch the video below:

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