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The Cranberries to finish final album with Dolores O’Riordan

Finishing what they started

The Cranberries are going to finish their final album posthumously with the late-Dolores O’Riordan

On Jan 15, a tragic loss was suffered by fans of rock n’ roll when Irish jewel Dolores O’Riordan, singer of The Cranberries died suddenly and without warning due to causes still unknown to the public.

Despite this loss, however, the band has decided that it is going to carry on with finishing the album they had been recording at the time of O’Riordan’s death, as all of her vocals had already been recorded.

In an official statement on their website, the band talks about going ahead with this, saying:

“We will also be completing the recording of a new studio album as previously announced, which we also started last year and for which Dolores had already recorded the vocals. All going well we hope to have this new album finished and out early next year.”

Not only this, but The Cranberries have one more treat for fans as well…

While the band has been working on finishing their new studio album, they are also gearing up to do a massive remaster and re-release of their iconic album Everyone Else is Doing it, So Why Can’t We? for its 25th anniversary. That got put on hold in addition to the new album however when O’Riordan died.

In the same statement, the band talks about the re-release, saying:

“We thought about it and decided that as this is something that we started as a band, with Dolores, we should push ahead and finish it. So that’s the plan, to finish the project and get the special 25th anniversary edition album out later this year.”

No further details have been revealed at press time, but the band will keep everyone up to date.

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