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Logic announces surprise mixtape with help from Rick and Morty

One way to announce a mixtape

Logic recently announced that his upcoming commercial mixtape, Bobby Tarantino II, will be coming out this Friday, in a short video clip on Instagram featuring the Adult Swim late-night cartoon duo Rick & Morty.

Following his 2017 studio album, Everybody, Logic has not stopped dropping music, cryptically hinting at a release without any official announcement. He pulled off a similar surprise in 2016, when he released his fifth mixtape, “the original” Bobby Tarantino.

In the video, we see the cartoon duo created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland en route back to earth from another of their hairbrained adventures through the cosmos, when they realize they have nothing to listen to. Morty pitches his nihilistic grandfather on playing Logic, at which point they engage in a discussion over which is better, his albums or his mixtapes. Rick, arguing that he wants to hear some turnt up “ATL style” tracks, declines Morty’s offer solely on the fact that he would rather listen to his mixtape than his album.

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Bobby Tarantino II. Friday.

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This is not the first time that the cartoon duo has mentioned Logic either. He previously appeared in an episode of Rick & Morty called “Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender” where they team up with a group of superheroes to defeat a series of booby traps that Rick set up in a drunken stupor. The episode ends with the “Vindicators Rap” an original freestyle written by the 28-year-old rapper for the show.

Logic teased the mixtape throughout the fall and winter, dropping unexpected singles such as “Everyday,” his 2017 collaboration with EDM producer Marshmello, “Overnight,” the single from producer 6ix, and “44 More,” a sequel track to the song “44 Bars” from his earlier mixtape.

The clip featuring Rick & Morty is also expected to be featured as an intro track on the mixtape when it arrives on Friday, March 9th.

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