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King Louie suing Lawless Inc for breach of contract

King Louie wants his dues.

King Louie wants what is coming to him, and he is taking to the law

Show business can be a particularly shady place to work. The music industry is certainly no exception to this, as Windy City based rapper King Louie has recently come to find out.

The rapper is in the process of suing his record label Lawless, Inc for $50,000 due to breach of contract.

King Louie signed a deal with Lawless that obligated him to make five albums over the course of five years, to which he held up his end of the bargain.

According to King Louie, he has not been able to gain access to any of the records of how much digital play and sales his music with Lawless and all of the distributors they have worked with has garnered in order to figure out how much money he has coming to him due to the fact that the label will not release that information to him.

The lawsuit itself reads:

“[King Louie’s music] has received significant air time and digital play and otherwise generated significant purchases by the general public.

However, Louie is unable to determine how much money the songs made because Lawless hasn’t granted him access to the records.”

Louie is now asking for a judgement from the courts that would give to him access to all of Lawless’s financial records regarding him in addition to any unpaid royalties that he is currently owed by the label and any of the distributors they have worked with.

Furthermore, Louie also wants a grand total of $50,000 in damages.

Lawless, Inc. has not yet publicly responded to the lawsuit nor any of the claims or statements made regarding it at press time.

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