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WATCH: Jamie Grace’s empowering International Women’s Day message

New video “Daughter of the King”

Contemporary Christian musician Jamie Grace sends an empowering message in her brand new music video, “Daughter of the King,” which she recently shared in the spirit of International Women’s Day on March 8th. It features one-on-one interviews with more than 15 different women of different ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds, in a powerful display of affirmation.

“The song means a lot to me and also a lot to my sister, Morgan Harper Nichols,” Grace said in the video. “We’re so honored not only to share the song, but also to share the stories of these incredible women.”

The 26-year-old singer-songwriter from Atlanta, wrote the single with her elder sibling and producer Jon Jon Traxx, for her third studio album ’91 (2017). Although the album was originally expected to be released in 2016, it was postponed to the following year so that Grace could tend to her mother when she had fallen ill.

According to Grace, the inspiration behind the song comes from her own experiences, as well as the stories of women around the world. “I remember when I was about 19 years old, and I was singing on-stage. When I walked off-stage a leader, someone that I really trusted, he told me that I needed to wear different outfits and different clothes because the skirt I wore didn’t show off my hips like it should,” Grace said, sharing her own personal experiences with gender inequality. “I was really embarrassed and uncomfortable because I just wanted to sing songs. I wasn’t trying to show off anything but the lyrics that I thought were really cool.  I was really overwhelmed by that. Unfortunately, a lot of women deal with this kind of stuff every day and deal with things that are much much worse. Now is the time for us to understand that our worth and our value is not in someone’s words. It’s not in what we wear; it’s not in the way our bodies look; it’s not in the amount of money we make; or the degree we do or don’t have. Our worth can be found in something so much greater and that is what the song ‘The Daughter of the King’ is all about.”


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