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Salvatore Ferragamo’s Summer 2018 floral takeover

Florals for summer? Not groundbreaking

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In preparation for the summer, Salvatore Ferragamo is proving that floral prints are meant to worn be year-round. The Italian designer’s accessory collection is blooming in the upcoming season and illustrates a new way to use silk foulard.

The collection consists of trendy handle bags and elegant stiletto heels, perfect for transforming a day-look into an evening outing. Using embellished floral prints, Ferragamo presents the Gancini, a cocktail top handle bag with leather lining. Inspired by London’s iconic floral markets, the designer incorporated hyper floreale to portray the beauty seen on the busy streets. Its floral prints are also seen on the Gancini’s flap bag, a handbag with an ingenious removable gold strap.

Also featuring dark florals, the signature buckle is placed perfectly in the center of each handbag, seen above all prints. Ferragamo’s large selection of stiletto designs have put the brand on the map of the high-end luxurious shoe industry. The fashion house’s creative director, Paul Andrew, used a tie-able distinctive silk foulard for one to wrap creatively around their ankle. Released in colors from a girly lilac to a rich sophisticated black, the foulard sandals just might be shoe of the season.

Ferragamo also says goodbye to shoe laces, as they debuted a comfortable lace-free sneaker with a flattering silk dark floral print. Stepping away from its usual sleek leather accessories, the collection depicts the boldness the fashion house has withheld for many years.

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