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Theory x prinkshop honor International Women’s Day

Who runs the world?

Honoring International Women’s Day, New York-based fashion label, Theory, has partnered with prinkshop to release a collection of women empowerment shirts.  The brand released four t-shirts with motivating phrases and inspiring quotes to encourage women to use their voices.





Theory used the simplicity of a trendy white tee with a scoop neck and  bolded letters, emphasizing the power behind the strong message. The line features unisex tees with meaningful quotes like “Be heard,” highlighting “HER” within the phrase.

Another modish shirt debuted, was the “IMO,” stating the abbreviation of “In My Opinion” and “Be Heard,” splayed on the back. The brand also revealed the “Live Loud tee”, alongside the “Turn Up The Volume” tee, depicting a volume sign with the Be Heard icon on the left side.

The collection’s proceeds will go to WE NYC, a small business initiative dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs begin and grow their businesses in New York City. WE NYC supports the success of women entrepreneurs and provides insight to aspiring female business owners. It’s safe to say, Theory just confirmed the proper way to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The limited edition of white t-shirts are being sold for $40 on and will be available through Theory retail stores as well.


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