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Review: Three Days Grace talk inner strength in ‘Outsider’

I am an outsider…

Three Days Grace are still spreading message of hope and strength in new LP Outsider

three-days-grace-outsiderSince 1997 Norwood, Ontario alternative hard rock band Three Days Grace have been proclaiming and sharing the gospel of personal strength, self-reliance, and hope to all the world.

21 years later on their sixth studio album Outsider they are still doing exactly that. In all that time, the band’s core message has still remained very much the same.

In some ways (though not all) so has the music itself. Outsider is still somewhat comparable to the sound that the band had on their 2006 release One-X.

In some ways this is a good thing, because too much deviation from an artist’s core sound can alienate their fans. However, if there is never any change at all, then they become boring and irrelevant.

That said, there are some more modern and new elements as well.

This is current singer Matt Walst‘s second album with Three Days Grace, after 2015’s Human. It is easy to tell that he and the band have become more of one cohesive unit rather than just Three Days Grace and Matt Walst.

There are also more areas of the elements of electronic music that the band started using on 2012’s Transit of Venus. Those can be heard in songs like “Right Left Wrong”, “The Mountain”, “Love Me or Leave Me”, and more.

For those who need a straight up hard rock anthem however, the title track “I am an Outsider” will more than do the job. It has raw, passionate vocals, driving guitar riffs, and a rhythm section that will flatten anyone to the floor.

The lyrics of “I am an Outsider” encompass the entire message of feeling like an outcast, but being strong for one’s individuality. It is a message of strength and hope that sums up the whole album pretty well. It is definitely a track for those who have no one to flock to.

Outsider is one of those albums that teens and young adults will definitely be able to grasp pretty quickly. Older folks might not be able to relate to the lyrical content quite as much, but there are of course always exceptions. Regardless, it is a solid effort with some honest, unhindered, and unhinged music.

Rating: 3/5

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Listen: Three Days Grace Outsider

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