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Vince Staples uses GoFundMe as genius marketing ploy


Vince Staples is as smart as they come.

Yesterday Salute reported that rapper Vince Staples had set up a GoFundMe campaign to let his haters know that he was willing to retire should they wish to fund it.

The campaign said he would disappear from public eye, move down to Florida, buy a Honda, a dog and a large quantity of soup and that would be the end of it.

However, it would seem that the GoFundMe campaign and his flurry of tweets regarding it have all been a rather genius marketing ploy to promote his latest single “Get the F%$& Off My D*ck.”

For those paying attention, the rapper all but announced the single, however covertly, in his campaign’s video by saying that if fans and critics wanted him to retire so badly, he said,

“Get off of my d*ck or fund my lifestyle. The choice is yours.”

Fans and critics alike have spent the last several months criticizing the rapper for his unconventional stage performances and his experimental production. The artist addresses these quibbles in the new track.

Yeah, I ain’t takin’ no more calls, might think ’bout callin’ it quits
Press is tryin’ to block my blessings, no more talking to Vince
NPR and XXL, man, I can’t tell which is which
Missed the mark, I think my label need a marketin’ switch

He also calls out the snubs he received from both the Grammys and MTV’s VMAs for his 2017 smash album Big Fish Theory, which Rolling Stone named one of their top 50 albums of last year.

VMA and Grammy snubbin’, not walkin’ through no clubs
Homie you can keep your money, it don’t do nothing for me

The track is pretty simple and carries the same double beat throughout. The lyrics are what shine. While the piano notes are interesting over the percussion, it’s relatively tame for someone who is criticized so heavily for his production risks.

While Vince Staples used the GoFundMe as more of a publicity stunt than anything else, it seems to have done the trick. The track is now available on every streaming service and fans are loving it.

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Listen: Vince Staples Get the F*** Off My Dick

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