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Taylor Swift blows the lid off in latest video ‘Delicate’

T-Swift having some fun.

Taylor Swift let’s loose like nobody’s watching in “Delicate.”

Pop singer/songwriter Taylor Swift is at the center of news controversy everywhere with the premiere of her newest music video for her fifth single “Delicate,” off of her 2017 album Reputation.

Swift dropped the bomb to fans during the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday, right after winning the title for Female Artist of the Year.

Not one to shy away from her down to earth and quirky persona, the 28-year-old shows off her electric-powered dance moves, over the top fashion choices, and the silly side to her that makes her so relatable to fans in the first place. 

Fans seem to be going out of their way to dissect the music video because it’s been blatantly obvious that not only is T Swift telling a story through words but she also put a lot of effort into dropping hidden Easter eggs throughout each clip even nodding a reference to her boyfriend Joe Alwyn. 

Perhaps what makes her secretive visual display even more special is the fact that she patches scenes into “Delicate,” that were mentioned in older hit song’s she’s done and paints a bigger picture into the nearly 4 minute clip forming many lyrical scenes into one.

For example at the end of the video Swift is seen fearlessly dancing through a rainstorm which is a notable lyric in her 2008 single “Fearless.”

“And I don’t know why but with you I’d dance
In a storm in my best dress

The video starts off with Swift becoming bombarded by paparazzi and looking a bit dazed on the red carpet, eventually she manages to break free from the scrutiny of the public eye and becomes ‘Invisible’ to everyone around her.

Taking full advantage of the situation, the pop mogul breaks out her dance moves through the streets of Downtown Los Angeles.

Like a breath of fresh air, she unleashes her true personality that she fakes on the spotlight and even goes barefoot.

It is possible to say that Swift isn’t completely ‘dead,’ after all but rather took time to channel her inner Sia to create a poetic broadcast that long-time fans would find enjoyable to piece together.

Some of the hidden references include the words “It’s Delicate,” and “Reputation,” spray painted on garage doors down a dark alleyway, “Track 5,” also written in graffiti on a subway station, and an abundance of lyrics from the song going hand in hand with the video perfectly.

For instance this is noticeable when she sings,

“Dive bar on the East Side, where you at?”

Which on the last scene, she casually walks into a dive bar called the Golden Gopher soaking wet from head to toe to meet up with a mysterious person.

However, the pop star is facing some backlash after being accused of ripping off Spike Jonze’s Kenzo perfume ad which stars model Margaret Qualley.

The commercial shows Qualley tuning out of her surroundings at a lavish black-tie event. Dressed for the occasion similar to Swift’s style in “Delicate,” she also breaks out silly dance moves which gives off the same vibes in Swift’s music video.

Being two different people with two different styles, onlookers shouldn’t be so quick to judge since inspiration comes from all directions. This could easily be accidental but whatever the case Swift has fans that stand by her no matter the outcome.

Looking ahead of herself, Swift is looking forward to her stadium tour launching May 8, tickets can be purchased here.

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Watch: Taylor Swift Delicate


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