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Top 10 Fashionnova bargains

A bargain? Yes, please

Known for being a favorite among Instagram royalty, Fashionnova has built a cult following of 10.9 million followers, including celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, and Cardi B to name a few. Even though the fashion retailer has millions of followers two things have remained the same since the very beginning: their affordability and inclusivity. Featuring sizes from 0-3x the label has created trendy items for all shapes and sizes.

Since Fashionnova has trendy yet affordable items it was time to take a look at the top 10 Fashion Nova bargains and really dive into what they have to offer.

Jodeci Jeans $19.99


Photo: Fashionnova

Classic dark denim is a classic staple for many women because of how versatile they are. One of the best aspects of these specific jeans is the large amount of stretch that it has to offer. Every Latina knows if it doesn’t stretch it can’t be bought. All Fashionnova jeans feature some level of stretch for better comfort and wear. Retailing at $19.99 these jeans are pretty much a steal.

Blue Dream Baby Blue Faux Fur Jacket $35.97


Photo: Fashionnova

Faux fur has been big this season from being seen during fashion week to being a staple for many, this trend has no sign of stopping anytime soon. This ice blue faux fur jacket is the perfect addition to any outfit due to its easy trendy fit. Featuring an oversized silhouette, this jacket makes a statement on its own.

Need Me Baby Jumpsuit $29.98


Photo: Fashionnova

Nothing is easier to style than a jumpsuit, they are a slip and go item which is always nice when you want to look put together but don’t necessarily have the time to do so.  This one offers a slimming effect by having a layered outline that helps conceal any uncomfortable areas that need an extra touch of coverage.

Enterprise Blazer Dress $39.99


Photo: Fashionnova

As seen on numerous celebrities, blazer dresses are a trend to look out for and embrace. This blazer dress adds a hint of classic elegance with a touch of sexy. The fitted silhouette adds a feminine touch that tailors in all the right places.

Rydell Midi Dress $19.99


Photo: Fashionnova

Every woman should own a good little black dress. They are versatile, easy, chic and can be sexy depending on how they are styled. A black dress that is simple and form-fitting will be easy to style depending on the occasion. Additionally, they are pieces that work well with added vivid colors.

Trisha Striped Blazer $15.97


Photo: Fashionnova

Blazers are chic fashion items that add an elegant touch to almost any outfit. This particular blazer works with a multitude of looks because of the sleek, elongated stripes that offer a tailored appearance.

Newport Beach Floral Dress $49.99


Photo: Fashionnova

With Spring right around the corner, it only makes sense to highlight a floral dress. This particular floral dress comes in a unique print that isn’t overwhelming to the fabric, instead it adds a light freshness that brings the entire look together. There is also a versatility to this dress that is quite charming.

Birthday Suit Swimsuit $34.99


Photo: Fashionnova

When it comes to swimwear a one-piece like this one is always a good idea. Not only have one-piece swimsuits evolved from the 90s, but they have become a sultry item for anyone that wants a bit more coverage without being completely covered. Additionally, the high cuts on the sides elongate the legs for a longer torso providing a slimming effect.

Samantha Waist Tie Pants $32.99


Photo: Fashionnova

Finding wide leg trousers that look great on all body types can be a mission, but these happen to be an exception to that issue. Even though they are printed the way the outline of the trousers is laid out paired with the floral touch have a slimming effect that looks good on everyone.

Marry the Night Bodysuit $22.99


Photo: Fashionnova

Bodysuits are one of the greatest fashion investments due to their easy styling. They work well with all pieces and are simple to incorporate in day-to-day wear, especially when they have an intricate outline like this one. It’s a step above a blouse with a sleeker appearance.

There’s a reason Fashionnova has attracted such a large following, the fashion retailer knows how to provide quality pieces at great bargain prices.

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