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Dsquared2’s flip flop heels just went viral

Bringing the Western to the beach


Photo: Dsquared2

Photo: Dsquared2

Dsquared2 just released a trendy feature to their heels and the fashion industry doesn’t know how to feel about it. The Canadian brand made the Gothika Sandal available on their site for an insane price, as pointed out on social media.

During Milan Fashion Week, Dsquared2 unveiled the The Gothika Sandal. The sandle features a signature piece that combines the straps of a rubber flip flop with a leather ankle boot top. Inspired by Western buckles, the upper part of the shoe contains straps, adding an edgy look to the heel. The brand designed three different colored straps: royal blue, classy red, and vibrant yellow.

In the presentation for the spring summer  2018 collection, Dsquared2 styled the distinctive heel with layered looks, including leopard print and Hawaiian button downs. Along with a black trendy conductor hat and elegant scarves, the heels may or may not become a must-have staple.  Though, the fashion house’s customers aren’t questioning how to wear this as they’re too distracted by the price.

The Gothika Sandal is retailed for $1,485 which took the Internet by surprise. Customers took to the brand’s Instagram post to express their opinions on the heel. One social media user commented, “when you’re at the beach at 6 but got a fancy dinner at 7.” Others actually considered the heel to be “basic,” possibly expecting more from the designer. Either way, both parties may agree the brand stuck to their unique artistry and brought on a new trend.

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